Artificial Intelligence for Content Understanding

We provide state of the art Natural Language Processing technology based on Deep Learning and Neural Networks AI as self-contained engines.

IntelliDockers are deployed on your isolated infrastructure making them suitable for secure data processing in Govern- ment, Finance and Regulated Industries use. The engines can be easily integrated with your existing software platforms, augmenting them with state of the art NLP technology.

  • Work offline and on your hardware
  • Trained Engines to understand a wide variety of content
  • No more (REST) APIs
  • Multilanguage processing capabilities

Supported languages: English, Romanian, Italian, German, Polish and Hungarian. More languages to come!

How It Works

You can deploy your IntelliDockers on your local servers or on any major cloud infrastructures out there, like: Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean or Amazon ECS (Elastic Container Service).

1. Get your license

A license key is a secret piece of text that is needed to run you IntelliDocker. To obtain such a trial license key, you will need to fill in and submit a registration form from our website or request it directly from us by emailing your name, your company and your role there to contact@intellidockers.com. You will receive a docker-compose.yml file containing the license.


2. Put your license file into a folder

IntelliDockers are publicly available on hub.docker.com. After receiving the license as part of the docker-compose.yml file, you need to put your license file into a folder.


3. Run your IntelliDocker

Open your preferred command prompt on your computer and run >docker-compose up. Your IntelliDocker will get started and it will give you your localhost URL where you cand access its UI interface.


One time Sync

Any time you start your IntelliDocker, it will need
to access the Internet just once to sync with a reference World
Time Clock. Afterwards the Internet connection is not needed
anymore. None of your data leaves your isolated environment
The IntelliDocker only makes a simple GET request to a predefined
set of Word Time Clock online services to validate its licenced TTL.


Easy Pricing Plans

Request a free trial or buy a pro version.

Free Trial
  • 10 day validity The trial license will offer you 10 days of unlimited number of calls with the limitation that after each call you will have to wait 5 to 20 seconds before making another call.
  • 5-20 second limitation After each call you will have to wait 5 to 20 seconds before making another call.
Request Free Trial
Pro Version
Ask Us
  • No limitations The PRO versions does not have any limitations in terms of the number of calls, but they will have a pre-set time to live (TTL), per our agreement.
  • Unlimited number of calls Make as many calls as you desire with no time limitations.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I test before I buy?

Anyone can request a free trial key to test the engines immediately. To obtain such a trial license key, you will need to fill in and submit a registration form from our website or request it directly from us by emailing your name, your company and your role.

Do I need a specific docker container for deployment?

Customers can deploy the engines on any Docker Container Platform.

Is my data safe?

The engines are self-contained - the data to be processed does not have to travel anywhere, it stays in the customer isolated infrastructure.

Are the NLP engines production ready?

The NLP engines are ready for production instantly - customer can use the engines in a couple of minutes after receiving the license.


Available Docker Engines

Entities Extractor

Named entities, categorized by type (people, organizations, locations, products, other), constitute the core factual information of any content. These engine extracts named entities out of given text.



Understands the meaning of any text by reading only the key sentences of the whole content. You can optionally specify the size of the summary in percentage.


Sentiment Analyzer

Determines the polarity of any text content: negative, neutral, positive.


Semantic Similarity Checker

The Semantic Similarity Engine finds identical meaning contained by the analyzed content pieces, ignoring syntax or grammar. It can be used for clustering documents based on the information they contain.


Automatic Classifier

Automatic classification using standard IPTC (The International Press Telecommunications Council - the Global Standards Body of the News Media) and IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) taxonomies. Classification based on custom taxonomies (patents, cyber security, military intelligence or others) can be created on demand.


Language Detector

Detects the language of a given piece of text. We are offering support for over 70 languages, including all Latin-based and most Asian languages.


Question Answering Machine

The Question Answering Machine answers a question based on a given context (e.g, a paragraph of text), where the answer to the question is a segment of the context. It operates on more then 90 languages with the largest Wikipedias and could be used for answering random questions against any of your documentation or knowledge base.

Supported languages: top 100 languages with the largest Wikipedias, including: English, German, Romanian, Italian, Polish, Hungarian, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Persian and much more


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